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      Here is a list of our servers:


      ={cXn}= MineCraft Server:
      Minecraft 1.2.4/5 Survival/Creative Server
      Minecraft Tekkit server
      (ip for registered members)
      TF2 standard rotation server
      Shattered Horizon Multi Mode Server
      Garrysmod Spacebuild Server
      (coming soon)
      ={cXn}=24 Player MW3 server
      IP: currently
      Name: (colored) ={cXn}= FFA HC 24/7 ALL MAPS
      name you see: 24/7 HC FFA and runs all the maps on a standard rotation
      ={cXn}= Team speak 3:

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      1. MrNubbins's Avatar
        MrNubbins -
        Here is the speed test result of cXn Home server in San Francisco:

      1. Carl-Guardian's Avatar
        Carl-Guardian -
        nice! speed!
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