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    • cXn Team Officers Rank and ladder.

      Everyone has a chance to climb up the ranks but you have to follow the Rank ladder from 1 to 5.

      A new member does need to rank accordingly by spending the time and doing his job, or will not progress to the higher rank.

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      1. richpara's Avatar
        richpara -
        hope we still have good connections
      1. cappo`'s Avatar
        cappo` -
        Yea, who knows if they have cables down there is Africa :/
      1. Carl-Guardian's Avatar
        Carl-Guardian -
        Here is a new ts data:
      1. Pain's Avatar
        Pain -
        good to know
      1. Carl-Guardian's Avatar
        Carl-Guardian -
        Admin ranks for:
      1. Carl-Guardian's Avatar
        Carl-Guardian -
        Quote Originally Posted by Pain View Post
        good to know
        Its amazing to see how these people come to join a clan after a few weeks ask for the game leadership without doing their job.
      1. JonasTone's Avatar
        JonasTone -
        There seems to be a lot of that going around of recent weeks.
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