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    • Battlefield 3, My Impression:

      Last night I was tweaking the Punk Buster and My computer settings, I got to play this Epic game, Here is my impression on this game:

      First of all the BF3 is without any doubt the most anticipated release of this year so far in our cXn Team.

      Bugs / Issues:

      After several months has gone by I have learned to deal with the biggest issue is that I like sometimes just jump on and play for a few minutes. I don't always have time to dedicate hour or more of gaming. But with the constant crashes; attempting to join three or more times, before I actually get into a server; wait in a cue three or more times before I get into a server; really causes me to not play as often as I would like to.

      The browser based gaming experience is also a huge downer for me. I grew up on just starting a game, go to the server browser-in game-and play. This, you have to start this program, that starts a browser, that will (maybe) start your game. Just to get kicked and semi-start the process all over is crap. I love the BF series and would be more willing to put up with the browser based sever menu, if this game was mostly stable. Its not and its starting to wear on my nerves.

      Visuals / Audio:

      This is pretty much self explanatory and should come as no surprise that this is both the best looking and sounding game I have ever played, bearing in mind I'm running the game at lowest of low settings on a pair of ipod headphones I dread to think of the amount of saliva and other bodily fluids that would appear on the keyboard if you happen to be running the game on high or ultra. Dice have once again pushed the envelope way past the mark with this title and shreds any claims that BF3 is merely a 'console port', PC is the lead platform and you wont be disappointed in this department. Vegetation is luscious and thick, locations brilliantly vibrant and explosions genuinely scary. All this helps to create one of the most immersive experiences currently available and it comes as no surprise that the gadget show used Battlefield 3 to create their 'Ultimate FPS Simulator.'


      This is a very good teamwork oriented game. I see BF3 as a happy middle-ground between BC2 and BF2, the destruction and feel from BC2 and the maps, vehicles and team play from BF2.
      The game 'feels' much better than either BF2 or BC2, it has more weight to the movement and shooting than the previous titles, Vehicles are implemented much better into this game than in other BF's, you feel vulnerable in buggies as you race past enemy positions and you can feel the walls being crushed beneath your lumbering tank. They are much more balanced than in previous titles, A good team can steam-roll an un-organised one and when you have two good teams playing each other as seen on the cXn servers.

      From what I have experienced so far, BF3 is a solid team based first person shooter which carries the Battlefield series on fairly well. Although its not the all singing, all dancing, second coming of Christ that it was first hyped up to be, it is definitely fun, definitely team focused and certainly worth considering for your next purchase.

      What I would recommend is looking back to BF2 vanilla. BF3 is without question an improvement over BF2 multi-player in more ways than it is not. If you think you would still enjoy BF2 multi-player now then you will love BF3. If you couldn't stand going back to BF2.

      A basic Game play video:

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