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      At a glance: I didn't understand what this YouTube video was about. 1 part shows zombies, another shows space, another shows a steampunk suit, and so on.

      I should probably note, I'm not a fanboy of anything. I just want a good, rich environment, GOOD art/graphics, engaging quests, challenging end game content and solid combat system. It seems with every game - WoW, SWTOR, Tera, Secret World, Guild Wars 2 can only manage a few of these aspects. If any. As for a small gaming community, I'm HOPING the competition between these games pushes them to raise the bar and make something better eventually.

      Working title for this game was "Lets Throw Every Played-Out Cliche From Every Genre Into One Game."
      I sure do hope they allow me to choose a kitchen sink as my character.

      I have a good news, EA has absolutely nothing to do with the development of this game. EA published it, that's it. Development and funding of the game is 100% controlled by Funcom. Oh..and Funcom did actually deliver this time. But The problem is, Funcom brings interesting ideas to MMO's, but fails miserably to actually deliver, and EA has a reputation of dropping, or massively cutting the staff of game projects that they don't deem profitable enough. Pitting these two together has killed the game even before launch.

      It's funny I followed this game for about 3 years visited forum everytime, did not play the beta, now when it's finaly released, Yeah 50 bucks in here ... Talk about steep price to pay for a game, I feel almost nothing....empty.

      My perspective on how this game will do: Pay for the game. Pay every month. Pay per ingame items. The free to play model, or failure, is imminent.

      If you were wondering the name of this song, it really sold me this copy of the game! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...v=judyCgN2daA#!

      Is available at: www.thesecretworld.com


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      1. Gilligan Gritz's Avatar
        Gilligan Gritz -
        Holy crap... This seriously looks like your All-In-One game.. I REALLY am going to look into this..

        They should do what Guild Wars does. One time buying fee, F2P all month. And a small in-game transaction store to keep things free and rolling along.
      1. Gilligan Gritz's Avatar
        Gilligan Gritz -
        Honestly I just looked up the prices..

        $14.99 for the game and 30 days of play time and some extra stuff

        $59.99 for the game 30 days of play time, an ADDITIONAL 30 days, a lot of extra items

        $199.99 game, lifetime subscription, and even more items.

        It's a $14.99 monthly fee.. And on top of that they have the In-Game shop. Which people would average around like $5-10 a month to buy stuff.

        I might look into it... So far from what I see, it looks just down right amazing with the aspects it has...

        When I read a little bit more into it I will come back with my opinion on it.
      1. Frijolez's Avatar
        Frijolez -
        cool trailer awesome, but lets see how the game would look like
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