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  • Z-DAY Modification for ARMA-2

    This is an open world survival horror modification for ARMA 2 which also required the Operation Arrowhead standalone expansion pack to work. Day Z received much critical acclaim in the video gaming media for its "innovative design elements",as possibly the best zombie game ever made, The mod was responsible for over 300,000 unit sales within two months of its release.

    Players are thrown into the centre of a post apocalyptic city after a deadly virus outbreak has occurred. Furor city, once inhabited by the human race, now is home to thousands of blood thirsty infected humans on the prowl for any remaining survivors. With the virus enhancing the physical abilities of the infected, players will be no match for them if playing alone. ZDay will require excellent team work, bravery and skill as players attempt to survive in the infected-filled city.

    Players will have to work together to clear out buildings, search for supplies, barricade doorways and survive. Barricades can eventually be broken, so hiding in one building with just a few supplies will not turn out pretty in the end.

    Zombies versus Survivors, itís all the rage right now. But what happens when you take the zombie/survivor idea and cross it with the capability of a top notch first person shooter engine like ArmA 2? You end up with something that smacks of Left 4 Dead, but set in some obscure place like Kazakhstan. You get something that has cool guns like Killing Floor, except thereís nowhere to buy ammunition. You end up with the DayZ mod.

    One of the most impressive additions that DayZ brings is the idea of a persistent character. You, the survivor, will collect gear along the way: extra food, extra water, fancier guns, grenades, chemical lights, and medical supplies to name a few. What happens when you log off? Your character is saved. Well, thatís to be expected. But the neat thing that the DayZ developers have done is made your character persistent across ALL servers. Your character is periodically backed up to a DayZ master character server. You can log off Server A and log onto Server B youíll be exactly where you were when your last save occurred. The mod even provides in-game status to let you know when those saves occur.

    The game will be in released in 4 stages, each stage will be a game itself - working up to the final stage which will be a full MMOFPS.

    Of course being a survivor isnít enough for most people, at least after the first few days. Join up with your friends and band together to investigate and raid the convenience stores, the abandoned military camps, the airfields. Youíll find loot and you can figure out ways to hide what you cannot carry for use later. But watch out! There are bandits out there too, who will just as readily kill the people who are scavenging and take their loot than go through the effort of scavenging themselves.

    At the writing of this article, . Over 130 servers have been granted a license to host this mod. Amazon is running a special sale of the game for digital download: Only $15. This is the lowest price ever seen for this amazing game platform. On Steam you can Buy the them for $29.99. For better Resolution player models buy the Private Military DLC.

    Yes if you buy the DLC's Private Military Company and British Armed Forces you will get high res textures for the player models in Day Z.

    To be clear they do not affect the terrain, buildings, tree's etc at all. If you own the paid for version of Arma 2 all of this will be hi-res because the Day Z world of 'Chernarus' is from Arma 2 itself. That's why people that use Arma Free in their Day Z required 'Combined Ops' get low-res everything.

    Anyway apart from the survivor model texture (male AND female) from PMC there is also the 'Camo' suit and the 'ghille' from BAF.

    I myself have never seen a ghille suit but I think I saw one.

    Here are a few pics i took of the camo suit from BAF:


    And here is a shot i took of the standard survivor skin from PMC


    As you can see they look great in hi-res. So i would recommend them if you like Day Z and play it alot.

    Lets Role up our sleeves team, and enjoy this epic game!

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