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    • cXn 2nd in NESL Open League 5

      1. Shift+4 Gaming (213 points)
      2. Creator Xtreme Nightmare (147 points)
      3. Team Enemy (118 points)
      4. RugratsDivers (96 points)
      5. Chaotic Gaming (82 points)
      6. Ereve (48 points)
      7. Zero Teamwork (34 points)
      8. The Bear Necesssities (31 points)
      9. Team Vertin (30 points)
      10. Lzuruha Inertia Gaming (29 points)

      On Friday, January 25th, 2013 cXn has achieve a good goal, in the previous month, it sad to know we did not achieve 1st, it set a good place on where we stand, on what we can do, and what we able to improve on in the future. Our last match of the NESL was against Shift+4 Gaming as we lost our chance to achieve Premier League, where prize money could of been won, and a potion of it was to be donated to the clan.

      Our goal at present is to watch the replay, learn our mistake, and achieve a bigger goal when a other tournament, or a league to come around for us to work towards. Communication still need to be work on as we try to remove some problem between the communication.

      We are currently looking for sub, who can fill in the following roles of Jungle, ADC, Support, or Top when the time comes, for any event we may partake. Also I looking for Co-Gameleader as previous bane of life has left both team and cXn due to problems with a other player.
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