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    • Route from Guest to permanent Team membership

      Here are the Explanations of the ranks:

      Rank 1: Guest:

      • Definition: Means anyone that comes to the team speak is Guest.
      • Permissions: Minimal.
      • Medal: This medal is given after the person has been welcomed to Team Speak, and has visited www.cxnteam.com, and has put a clan tag on.

      Rank 2: Member:

      • Definition: Anyone that visits more then three times to play with a clan tag is given this membership.

      • Permissions: Minimal
      • Medal:
        • ​Website Ranked: The name of the medal is Website Ranked, tha means the person has 20 valuable posts in the website. (Valuable posts include: Ideas to improve the game, the clan, streaming game replays, posting Utube videos under CXN Clan Tag, bright ideas, photo editing, anything which contributes back to your team and our gaming world, etc. etc.). No Member will be advanced past rank two unless this requirement is met.

      Rank 3: Permanent Members: Here is the route from Guest to Permanent Team membership:
      1) Need to be registered on this website with a username and password for 1 months.
      2) You must make a introduction post telling us about and fill this form
      3) Need to have made a valuable posts on this site.
      4) Need to use Microphone in game, be in team speak and
      Download it here. Our Team-Speak IP address is: with No Password.
      5) 15 years of age and/or Mature.
      6) Game name and ={cXn}= Website, Team Speak, Steam, Origin name etc. must match, in all of our servers.
      7) Need at least 50 hours of gaming time on our game servers, and Team-Speak (you can check this through game tracker, if you need help find an admin).
      8) Finally Your game leaders needs to Accept your membership application here.

      • Definition: Someone who has been a contributing member of the CXN Clan for more then three months.

      • Permissions: Normal members can create a temporary Chanel once they leave it will leave with him.
      • Medal:

        • ​Year Long Member: Someone who has been with us for a year and actively helping his team.
        • Patron $ Member: Donated his time and money towards his team.
        • Elite Member: This medal is awarded to those members who promote us heavily, bringing new members to our website and team.

      Rank 4, Section/Squad Leader:
      To get approved for this rank you need to post a request in here:http://www.cxnteam.com/forms.php?do=form&fid=3 The qualifications for this rank is as follows, you need to have 5 permanent member underyou that you are responsible for and you must care for your team or your rank will get revoked. This rank is given by game leaders and above. If you compete against the game leader you will be demoted to a Permanent member.

      • Definition: Is a leader of minimum of five people who compose a basic unit for drilling tactical strategies and work together to make a better team and is the smallest tactical unit in our clan.
      • Permissions: Channel administrator, within the channel named after your squad. This is great because you can have your very own channel, where you pick exactly which friends you want to play with only. This gives you the access to work with your best internet friends creating a potentially deadly attacks. Watch out other clans! can Move people in or out of your Squad inside your channel.
      • Medal:
        • Squad Leaders: This medal is given to the actual leader of the squad. This is great because you can have your very own channel, where you pick exactly which friends you want to play. This gives you the access to work with your best internet friends creating a potentially deadly attacks. Watch out other clans!
        • Game Co-Leader: This is simply helping the leader of a game with managing the squads in a game for the game leader and anything to assist the game leader.

      Rank 5, Game leader:
      To get this rank you simply need to choose a game in cXn and make a large team for it and be in full accordance with clan rules and have had track history in the clan, and be in harmoney with the rest of the leadership and apply here: http://www.cxnteam.com/forms.php?do=form&fid=3 and look for approved application by clan leaders by majority vote.

      • Definition: Is the person in charge of the whole game and is in charge of all the aspects of recruiting, managing all the members and squads for that game.

      • Permissions:
        • Create and edit channel type: semi permanently if they need it to be permanent they need to talk to their leaders (Deputy executive Directors).
        • Can move, kick normal permanent members but only be able to ban Guests, If they need to ban some one who is permanent member, they need to follow the clan rules (See clan rules section on the www.cxnteam.com).

      • Medal:

        • CXN Website Admin: This medal is given to game leaders who montior and improve their forums for their game in the CXN Website. www.cxnteam.com
        • CXN Server Master: This medal is given to the game leaders that are hosting our servers and maintaining all the updates and work hard in keeping the servers full.
        • CXN Master of Admin: This medal is given to game leaders that moderate the team speak squad leaders and their members and website content management for their forums and the CXN servers.

      Rank 6, Deputy Executive Directors:
      If you ask for this rank not only you will not get it but also you will be demoted in your current rank. The Higher Deputy Executive Ranks are Only Awarded to you based on years of service and contribution to the clan and leadership skills provided, and your performance as a leader for specific Continent of the world. If you are finding yourself competing against existing Director, be sure that will be noted and you will get demoted. This rank is not asked for its simply given by Carl-Guardian at his discretion.

      • Definition: The Deputy Executive Director has a direct line to the website creator and are assigned this title only by Carl-Guardian.
      • Permissions: Team Speak Server Admin permissions, website and other access given in order to perform needed duties.
      • Medal: See"EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS CHAMBERS" in the website for details.

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      1. ABUSOFNUNS's Avatar
        ABUSOFNUNS -
        i like this setup but how do u get to see where u have hrs on teamspeak 3
      1. Carl-Guardian's Avatar
        Carl-Guardian -
        Quote Originally Posted by ABUSOFNUNS View Post
        i like this setup but how do u get to see where u have hrs on teamspeak 3
        Admins can see the join date, and how long You been here on the ts and Website, and how many Posts you have here in cXn Clan.
      1. ABUSOFNUNS's Avatar
        ABUSOFNUNS -
        i have been in here for a month .
      1. Carl-Guardian's Avatar
        Carl-Guardian -
        Did you Follow the line up as its described above? if yes, let me know Ill rank you up personally.
      1. Carl-Guardian's Avatar
        Carl-Guardian -
        I have updated this Just now please have all the members that are new to see it.
      1. Jmok's Avatar
        Jmok -
        Looks good to me.
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