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In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:

{cXn} Clan Rules and policy:

1) Don´t use cheats or abuse bugs and handle accusations discreetly.

2) Treat all members the same way you want to be treated, with respect.

3) Set up good examples for others to follow, for their game play as well as their behavior.

Although the administrators and moderators of cXnTeam.com will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this website, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and the owners of cXnTeam.com will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

{cXn} Clan Rules and policy:

1. All new Recruits must be 18 and older.

2. No Map hacking or cheating of any kind is allowed what so ever.

3. No calling other members Noob in public, and degrading their character because they are not a good player, If they need training we must help them get better by training them. Don’t Flame or complain after you lose the game, losing and winning is part of the game. Be honorable and set a good example for other people to follow.

4. Do not tarnish the {cXn} by antisocial behavior and rude attitude in any public area.

5. Do not continue to on with other Clans and clan hopping is not allowed.

6. No disturbing a meeting in a room and misconduct.

7. No Spreading destructive rumor about senior clan Leader.

8. Refusing to uphold Clan rules and discipline.

9. If you are member of {cXn} you must be inside the TS with a microphone and proper functioning head set, No silent membership is allowed. If we find out that you are here as a spy and to be informant for other clan and have other fish to fry you will be black listed, and banned for ever.

10. All complaints are to be filled in the complaint Forum or the complaint channel in the team speak only, If we find you complain in any other location you could get banned from {cXn}.

{cXn} Team Disciplinary Actions:

The leaders are department heads and they are the only people who can ban people by majority vote such as:

If someone is rude or foul mouthed, they can get muted for 24 hours after 2 warnings in a row by who ever are the group leaders present at the time.

If someone was upset of something they saw that they fell that needs to be known don't create antagonism and talk behind people, instead write a report to leaders, in the complain Forum, once, there has been more than 3 reports on the same clan member Carl will investigate it, then 2 out of 3 leaders will decide to Ban that person off, or Founder can singly Ban anybody by recommendation of the majority leaders.

• If someone is Insulting and name calling in a room more than 2 persons:

1. Get him Muted.

2. Second time get him muted.

3. Third time gets banned for 24 hours.

4. Fourth offense, establish a meeting with 3 group leaders and discuss banning him for ever. Must write a report Complain section in Forum tell us what happened.

•{cXn} Supporting anti cheat community and movement, for the years the cXn team had been established, We have always pride ourselves in being cheat free.As we started out and as {cXn} began to start growing, we soon realized that hacking was going to be a real problem, and still is to this date.

Our response to cheaters:

Cheating, As defined in the creators of extreme nightmares team:

Definition: Violating accepted standards or rules;" a dirty fighter". characteristically is employed to create an unfair advantage, usually in one owns interest, and often at the expense of others.

We Watch

We Check

We Stream and report to all web sites that keep track of the cheaters!

These are the measures we take to ensure fair play at {cXn}

• We check players backgrounds.

• We cross check IP Addresses.

• We cross check player names.

• We cross check player GUID's.

• We may choose to Team View spurious members, if they refuse they might be kicked/banned from our clan.

• We may choose to have you install and use any or all Anti-Cheat program/s available at our disposal such as Aceton or any new Anti-Cheat software if it becomes available.

• We watch players in game, constantly. Looking for things such as , sudden movements of your characters, map hacks, instant one shot kills, glitches,any any other non realistic game movements.

• We utilize secret players to randomly play cXn Members in games, then we analyze the replays and check for suspicious play or hacks.

If someone is Cheating save the replays email to Guardian/ethics section with an email to CarlEthics@gmail.com with a full report. We will post the finding on our website and report to multiple Zones on the gaming community.

• Only a majority of 3 clan leaders can ban another clan member.

• If Clan leaders are found to be violating the rules of conduct the founder has a right to ban him or suggest disciplinary actions.

This will help to keep our goal alive and we will have lots of fun!

cXnTeam.com software agreement:

cXnTeam.com and the makers of their software give no warranty or guarantee with it. This software is to be used at your own risk, although it has been vigorously tested we cannot be held responsible or liable for any damages that may occur from it. By accepting this agreement you cannot hold cXnTeam.com, CheykaWebDesign.com or their respective owner/s responsible or liable for any loses or damages, etc. caused by this software.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

The owners of cXnTeam.com reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

Finally if you have read and agree to all of these rules and guidelines then you may check the check box showing us that you do. If not please navigate away from our website now.

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