And Im proud of Maplestory 2 Mesos how far it has come I recall being unable to get my friends into the game for more than a week because it had potential to be great but if you play daily for months or didnt fork over money youd get nowhere It was a grind before and thats changed So idk I enjoy it I really do although I feel like I am the minority with that

being saidMuch bigger basic issues of MapleStoryKishin merely masked much issues that were basic Maple never should have existed to begin with and has If anything all it did was assist Nexon warrant putting off proper rebalancing and articles updatesThe reality of the issue when people complain about the game being grindier with

no Kishin is that the game is designed specifically to be unbelievably grindy at the first place This is because the game has been severely behind in content upgrades for decades and they need players to take more time to reach the endIt has always been this way Take a look at the gentle cap on meso bags It tender caps in Reboot

relatively early and does not grow as you fight enemies Theres Maple Story 2 Mesos absolutely no real reason for this cap to exist to slow down you If this were some other MMO the meso would scale as you advance in the game with no need for any type ofmoney raising effectsWhat we need is not more spawn We need better content which equals better

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