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    Here is a list of our servers:


    ={cXn}= MineCraft Server:
    Minecraft 1.2.4/5 Survival/Creative Server
    Minecraft Tekkit server
    (ip for registered members)
    TF2 standard rotation server
    Shattered Horizon Multi Mode Server
    Garrysmod Spacebuild Server
    (coming soon)
    ={cXn}=24 Player MW3 server
    IP: currently
    Name: (colored) ={cXn}= FFA HC 24/7 ALL MAPS
    name you see: 24/7 HC FFA and runs all the maps on a standard rotation
    ={cXn}= Team speak 3:

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    Battlefield 4 (also known as BF4) is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and published by Electronic Arts. The game is a sequel to 2011's Battlefield 3. BATTLEFIELD 4 RELEASE DATE THE BATTLE STARTS OCTOBER 29, 2013 Boot camp mode View My Video Single player The story, according to the official Battlefield website, follows American VIPs' evacuation from Shanghai and an American squad, designated Tombstone, struggling to make their way back home. In...
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  • cXn 2nd in NESL Open League 5
    by richpara
    1. Shift+4 Gaming (213 points) 2. Creator Xtreme Nightmare (147 points) 3. Team Enemy (118 points) 4. RugratsDivers (96 points) 5. Chaotic Gaming (82 points) 6. Ereve (48 points) 7. Zero Teamwork (34 points) 8. The Bear Necesssities (31 points) 9. Team Vertin (30 points) 10. Lzuruha Inertia Gaming (29 points) On Friday, January 25th, 2013 cXn has achieve a good goal, in the previous month, it sad to know we did not achieve 1st, it set a good place on where we stand, on what w...
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    by Administrator

    Hello everyone! This is a 1 on 1 event that will happen in March.


    1st place $ 140
    2 nd place $ 60
    3 rd place $ 40
    01-10-2013, 06:11 PM
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    by Carl-Guardian
    At a glance: I didn't understand what this YouTube video was about. 1 part shows zombies, another shows space, another shows a steampunk suit, and so on. I should probably note, I'm not a fanboy of anything. I just want a good, rich environment, GOOD art/graphics, engaging quests, challenging end game content and solid combat system. It seems with every game - WoW, SWTOR, Tera, Secret World, Guild Wars 2 can only manage a few of these aspects. If any. As for a small gaming communit...
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  • Battlefield 3, My Impression:
    by Carl-Guardian

    Last night I was tweaking the Punk Buster and My computer settings, I got to play this Epic game, Here is my impression on this game:

    First of all the BF3 is without any doubt the most anticipated release of this year so far in our cXn Team.

    Bugs / Issues: After several months has gone by I have learned to deal with the biggest issue is that I like sometimes just jump on and play for a few minutes. I don't always have time to dedicate hour or mor...
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    Mass Effect gave gamers a unique hero and a chance to defend the galaxy. But the adventure isn
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