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  • FTB- Thief?

    Hey guys, recently i have been noticing items disappearing on the FTB server. and tonight. i am pretty sure that my quarry was stolen too. I have had thievery in the past on this and i dont think its very acceptable. Please. can we at least do something about this because some of us spend a LOT of time getting these materials to make things. I cannot CONFIRM that my quarry has been STOLEN. but i am pretty sure it has. but either way, i found some of my bees missing the other week and have come to a conclusion that either one of our members is " griefing " or someone has publicly released the IP to thier friends and one of them has commited this offense..

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    I'm Sorry to hear that.
    Men are very often so busy being ORDINARY that they don't recognize that every one of them is slightly, somewhere, EXTRAORDINARY.


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      We need to get to the bottom of it, this server is only up because it was wanted, by everyone.

      I know that the VANILLA server can not be protected in the same way as or number 1 server, that is why only members on this site that are confirmed members can go on there.

      I ask that anyone who has taken things to stop, if stealing does not stop i feel that the server will have to be white listed and only people who apply to join the server can join, that way, any theft will be from a group of players we know.

      Then if stealing persists, the final option would be to no longer host it.


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        I feel that this problem can be fixed by using the old way of keeping your stuff safe. Usually people would just hide thier chest rooms or just moving really far out to keep thier stuff away from people.

        But now that we are playing a modpack that helps us keep things safe, we have even more options for example: all forestry machines and chests can be put to private or restricted to avoid people stealing stuff. There's chests such as personal safes what are not breakable by anyone exept the owner. If we have problems with griefing we can use warded glass and stone added by thaumcraft since it's unbreakable to everyone exept people in creative and the owner of the blocks.

        The best to have if you really want to make sure no one steals: MFFS machines. They can give warnings before the player gets too close and if they get closer than that their items can be taken or even specific items like TNT, swords, ect. Though taking their items don't always help so you can just kill them instead after the warning if you set the machines up that way.
        You can also give out cards for people to make them able to walk in without a penalty.

        If we still have problems though I suggest adding a whitelist and only add whatever players actually play on the server to that.