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i need help with my computer!!!!! please look

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  • i need help with my computer!!!!! please look

    ok so i have a hp pavilion dv6 here is the specs

    manufacturer: hewlett-packard

    model:hp pavilion dv6 notebook oc

    processor: amd a8-3520m apu with radein hd graphics 1.60ghz

    ram: 6gb

    system type : 64 bit

    so what im trying to figure out is what can i up grade on this laptop
    it does good on dayz
    but i want it to do alot better what can i change to increase better game play less lagg
    better graphics and all that please help me lol

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    You will struggle to upgrade it im affraid, laptops always have this as a major downside. You basically can only upgrade your RAM and HDD, you may possibly be able to get a upgraded CPU but i can't find the information for the supported processors which to me implies that it is either discontinued or is a "motherboard welded" chip which can not be changed. Not much in the way of a graphical boost, more of a speeded up loading time boost.

    Other than what i suggest above, a whole PC or newer Gaming Laptop like the Razer Blade for instance.

    Sorry i couldn't be any more help


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      On that specific motherboard, the CPU is soldered directly on the motherboard, making upgrading impossible unless you possess a great skill in soldering microtechnology and have a supplier of a new CPU that supports the pinstandard.

      As Jonas said, upgrading hdd to an SSD is possible, aswell as RAM, but it wouldn't increase your performance in gaming itself by much seeing as the graphics component is still weak on your APU.

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