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Start the Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected quest

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  • Start the Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected quest

    To start the Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected quest, you first need to locate a unique Fallen Transponder item. The transponder is located in the heroic version of the Bad Neighbors story mission on Titan which is currently available as of this writing. However, before you load up Bad Neighbors, make sure that you’ve first completed the Enemy of My Enemy mission on Titan as well.

    Getting the Cheap Destiny 2 Boosting is no easy task, but it certainly is possible. There are five different steps that you need to follow in order to get the Outbreak Perfect weapon in Destiny 2. Destiny 2 quest will update and you’re looking for six nodes across the map. Four of the nodes can be found in the EDZ, with the rest found on Nessus. The first one can be found in The Drain Lost Sector in the EDZ. Kill the captain and run past the chest until you enter a giant cavern.

    Head to The Drain Lost Sector in the EDZ. Kill the Metal Captain and walk past the Lost Sector chest. Keep going until you find a giant cavern with Fallen flags adorning the ceiling. Jump into the cavern and look around until you find two boxes covered in purple sheets and a purple tarp over it. Investigate the small SIVA icon between the boxes to pick up Node 1. You have 20 minutes to beat this mission. With a full team of 690 players, we were able to take it down relatively easily, although we wouldn’t recommend trying it until you’re 680 or higher. When you take down the final boss, you’ll earn Outbreak Perfected.

    Proceed through the Destiny 2 Bad Neighbors mission until you reach a room with a Hive Shrieker (the large floating enemies that shoot glowing purple projectiles at you). Just beyond the Shrieker is a small room bathed in red light, and on the left side of that room is a closed door. As long as you finished the Enemy of My Enemy mission, you should receive an Unlocked prompt as you approach the door. Head through the door into a side room where the Fallen Transponder is lying on the floor.

    The first thing Buy Destiny 2 Boost you need to do is head to Titan and complete the mission that unlocks the Rat King Exotic Hand Cannon quest. This quest should be available to you if you have completed the main campaign. If you’ve completed the campaign but don’t have the quest available to you, head over to Sloane on Titan and you’ll be given The Enemy of My Enemy mission.