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Rules for this Forum: Buy or sell or trade

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  • Rules for this Forum: Buy or sell or trade

    The pourpose of this Forum is very clear:
    • Post the model number of what you want and sell.
    • Post the manufacturer link for this product, specifically to what you are selling!
    • Post the picture of the product from your camera not generic photo from other people's Photo buckets, etc.
    • If you do not want to discuss price publically, do it in private.
    • Please for your own sake, Don't publicize your personal information in here.
    • Please, No links to auctions and no Selling game accounts.

    Disclaimer: This forum is a place where people hook up, not a place to try and squeeze and cheat money out of your team mates and friends. That said, we have no way of policing any deals that take place here, so BUYER BEWARE.
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