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    We’ve seen a good amount of football be played , and we know that some players just don’t have it anymore, while other players need a new team. Players struggle, it’s a part of the game. But when players struggle, there has to be a reason behind it. So, we’re going to try and see what the reasoning behind it is. Some players are young and were put into a bad spot when they were drafted, and other players just got stuck in bad positions throughout their career.Sometimes, you see players that are late in their career find new homes and succeed. It’s rare Johnathan Abram Jersey , but it happens. Look at Ryan Fitzpatrick to start this season, as he looked like one of the best quarterbacks in the league. There are times where players finally find a team that they fit in towards the end of their career and play better. Case Keenum was a career backup until last season when he showed the world that he’s worth being a starting quarterback. It’s just interesting to see how things pan out.And then, of course, there are those players who have no gas left in the tank. Football takes a lot out of you, and eventually, it comes to an end. Even the legendary Peyton Manning hit a point in his career where he just wasn’t good enough to compete anymore. It’s not the way NFL fans want to see a player’s career end, but sometimes it needs to happen. So Clelin Ferrell Jersey , who’s next? With professional sports playing such a large, central role in our culture today, we can sometimes get caught up in looking upon the athletes that play those sports as next-level humans. They’re on TV, they’re in the news, they’ve got more money than any 10 people could spend in a lifetime, and their level of athleticism is so far superior to ours that we marvel at their ability to do only what we can dream about.But once you remove the veil of pop culture, the lights of the stadium and the logo on the front of their uniforms , you come to realize that professional athletes are just like you and me. They’re just people who happen to perform their chosen sport at an extremely high level, that’s all. They still have their strengths, their weaknesses, their idiosyncrasies, and especially their vulnerabilities. Believe it or not, they’re human, even though they might play like they’re alien-born superheroes.Pro football players are no different. We watch them clash on the gridiron for a few hours each week and then get on with our lives. We think of them first as Sunday NFL stars and not so much as everyday people. But they are Josh Oliver Jersey , and they’re not immune to making bad life decisions or ending up in embarrassing situations.So whether or not they will ever live these down, here are 15 things, ranging from cringe-worthy at best to downright egregious at worst, that these Super Bowl winners probably want you to forget.