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Kokopuffs62, Wants To Join cXn

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  • Kokopuffs62, Wants To Join cXn

    Clan Application and Introduction Form
    I have been playing games since I was a child and have always been a fan of them, my main hobby. I met some of the cXn family playing a game of Rocket League and we became friends, they are very good people.
    What Games do you mainly Play?
    Rocket League - 6, Black Ops 3 - 5, Minecraft - 8
    Please rate your skills.
    Tell us about your Gaming Rig. Is it Low, Medium or High end?
    High End
    Tell us your in Game name for each game you will be playing
    vKSv Kokopuffs, Kokopuffs62
    Whats your gaming Schedule, and what times are you going to see us in the team speak?
    Every day that Im not working, 2 on 2 off
    Have you ever been in cXn or any other clan Before?
    No, small clans made by friends but no real clans. I left because the clans died
    Are you at least 15 years of an age or Mature?
    Do you agree to no cheating?
    Do you understand that disrespecting others is not allowed in cXn?
    Please tell us about yourself and Interests, and What made you join cXn clan and what you like to achive in our clan.
    I would like to become as helpful a member as possible, in any way I can. I would like to join because I have met people in this clan and appreciate the way they handle themselves and respect the Gaming community as a whole
    In what way[s] will you help contribute to the clan?
    I'm not sure specifically but will do my best with anything asked of me
    How did you hear about cXn, What made you decide to join?
    Are using teamspeak?
    Do you have a Mic? And know how to Use team speak? if not do you need help with it?
    Yes I have a mic and know how to use team speak. I ran my own server for a year +
    Is there something You need help with, In cXn?
    Not really
    Whats the best way to get hold of you if we have some question about your application?
    Email, steam

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    Regular on our TS, has brought in friends, good guy. Fully endorsing application, and I'm sure John, Chris, and many others will agree!
    "Water is only as Dark as that which it Reflects" - ExodiusTSD


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      Good guy, played lots of games with him, good fun. Accepted.