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{cXn} Clan Disciplinary Actions

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  • {cXn} Clan Disciplinary Actions

    {cXn} Team Disciplinary Actions:

    The leaders are department heads and they are the only people who can ban people by majority vote such as:

    If someone is rude or foul mouthed, they can get muted for 24 hours after 2 warnings in a row by who ever are the game leaders present at the time.

    If someone was upset of something, they felt it needed to be known don't create antagonism and talk behind people, instead write a report to leaders, in the complain Forum on the web site, once there has been more than 3 reports on the same clan member, Executive Directors can singly Ban anybody temporarily. Or recommendation of 3 majority leaders present in the Servers together can ban any one on the game servers. But on the team speak, temporary bans are effective until all the permanent bans are requested in the game leaders chambers.

    If someone is Insulting and name calling in a room:

    1. Leader needs to give warning.
    2. Second time get him kick.
    3. Third time gets banned for 24 hours and Must write a report in Game Leader's discussion section in Forum tell us what happened.
    4. Fourth offense, establish a meeting with games leaders in the game leaders forum and discuss banning him for ever. Must write a report in Game Leader's discussion section in Forum tell us what happened, and get approval from the executives for Permanent Ban.

    {cXn} Supporting anti cheat community and movement:

    For the years the cXn team had been established, We have always pride ourselves in being cheat free.As we started out and as {cXn} began to start growing, we soon realized that hacking was going to be a real problem, and still is to this date.

    Our response to cheaters:

    Cheating, As defined in the creators of extreme nightmares team:
    Definition: Violating accepted standards or rules;" a dirty fighter". characteristically is employed to create an unfair advantage, usually in one owns interest, and often at the expense of others.

    We Watch
    We Check
    We Stream and report to all web sites that keep track of the cheaters!

    These are the measures we take to ensure fair play at {cXn}

    • We check players backgrounds.
    • We cross check IP Addresses.
    • We cross check player names.
    • We cross check player GUID's
    • We may choose to Team View spurious members, if they refuse they might be kicked/banned from our clan.
    • We may choose to have you install and use any or all Anti-Cheat program/s available at our disposal such as Aceton or any new Anti-Cheat software if it becomes available.
    • We watch players in game, constantly. Looking for things such as , sudden movements of your characters, map hacks, instant one shot kills, glitches,any any other non realistic game movements.
    • We utilize secret players to randomly play cXn Members in games, then we analyze the replays and check for suspicious play or hacks.

    If someone is Cheating save the replays email to with a full report. We will post the finding on our website and report to multiple Zones on the gaming community.
    Only a majority of 3 game leaders can ban another clan member from the TS.

    Clan Leaders power Violation:

    If any Clan leader is found to be violating the rules of conduct Executive director (Carl) has a right to ban him or suggest disciplinary actions.

    This will help to keep our goal alive and we will have lots of fun!

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    Here is the route form temporary to Lifetime membership: You must meet all the following requirements before you will be considered for clan membership, we also have an application process in place which allows all the admins the right to deny your application if your an asshole or a suspected hacker.

    1) Need to be registered on the site with a username and password for 3 months

    2) Need to have made a minimum of 20 Valuable posts on the site(including an introduction post about yourself)

    3) Need to use Michrophone in game and teamspeak.

    4) 15 years of age or Mature. (But I have seen Some 26 year olds act like a 10 year old, on World of Warcraft or League of Legends Fantasy games, Maturity is the Key word here)

    5) Your Game name and ={cXn}= Website name and ={cXn}=Team Speak, ={cXn}=Steam, ={cXn}=Xfire must match, in all of our servers.

    6) Need at least 100 hours of gaming time on our servers(you can check this through gametracker, if you need help find an admin)

    7) You must make a introduction post telling us about.

    8) your game leader needs to Accept your membership here.
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