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  • League Of Legends Stream Question

    I found this link

    I figured I would try to do stream this guys way. The only problem is that his first program "SCFH DSF" is pretty much A) Out dated or B) Broken. Because every time I try to launch it, all I get is an error telling me that I need to update the driver. All my drivers are up to date. So in part my real question is what is a good way to stream and is this way even worth it?

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    well thiers two different stream sites twitch and own3d. Im more familiar with own3d. With own3d you get a program for streaming called xsplit and they have instruction on how to get started. Twitch on the other hand I dont know much about.
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      There is also and that comes with their own software, not need for 3rd party apps, like XSPLIT that wont allow you to do fullscreen broadcast without paying, live stream can be quite intense, but not always, if configured well


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        Thank you so much for all of your responses you all are welcome to watch his stream:

        For league of legends streaming

        League of Legends IGN: P4IN

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