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    I am Glad to introduce our 2 new game leaders in Blackshot section
    1: Roshan[india]
    2: Ahmed_zizo[arab]

    I'm looking forward to work with u 3 people as my assistants babaa,roshan,zizo as i believe u r not going to give me an excuse to regret my decisions. Make sure to communicate between each other whenever u feel itz necessary , u can contact me as well whnever needed.

    Babaa will be taking care of the game called tera and other games that he plays. And obviously he will have his parts in blackshot as well , but being in charge of all the games can be stressful so blackshot part is totally optional. He will be the one deciding how to make things work and make things btr for the part under his direct control. And he will be the one responsible for the part's actions or actions made by the people in that part of cXn.

    Ahmed_zizo will be taking care of the whole arab part of blackshot as right now the arab people are really high in number and there can be some problem communicating with them due to some certain limitations. In future if needed zizo's area of actions may b changed as per the necessity. Till then zizo will be handling stuff for that section and will be responsible for anything that happens.

    Roshan is left with the rest of the part of blackshot. So basically apart from zizo's section and "if" babaa comes back to blackshot then his section roshan will be handling the rest. Roshan will be the one responsible for anything happens in that part.

    Each game leader under me have been given proper responsibilities as per their rank,field of gaming and region . I am glad to share my responsibilities with you reliable people make sure to help people and if u face any problem u can alws come talk to me or consult with ur other fellow leaders. If any one has any issues please comment below , if it's worth the effort i will try to solve it before porting the next thread that is going to help u me and other people to make the ranking system more easy to control and decrease the chaos regarding it.

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    Good post!
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        Carl buddy i think zizo did not get his access to the Leader's discussion chembar yet... plz make sure he gets it as the next post i make will be in there and they will need the access to see and comment on that thread.
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          Thnx to trust at me and i will make all happy because i got game Leader and i will help all and no problems Thnx Carl ,,Thnx jutsu


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            Originally posted by ahmedzizo View Post
            Thnx to trust at me and i will make all happy because i got game Leader and i will help all and no problems Thnx Carl ,,Thnx jutsu
            u r welcome and keep up the good work.


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              Nice going
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