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  • Looking for Squad leaders

    I am looking for League of legend players who want to make a squad for cXn, a room where him/her and friends can play together alot, and vs other squads in cXn tournaments, or in other things like ranked 5, or pro like esl, ign. Squads like Northern Bear, and Raging Dutch reapers have shown to be popular rooms as team members are normally there. Not everyone can be a Squad leader. Here is where you sign up as our staff appreciation list does not have Squad leader option available. Also bring friends who want to join cXn to play with others, and play in tournaments. A list of tournaments have been made, but can only work if teams are active. Being a Squad leader for League of Legends is not given, it can be earned, but taken easily if things do not work well.

    Lv 30
    Group of 5 or more people in your squad to make
    Agree to cXn rules, and Squad rules.
    Be active with your team, and members of cXn

    If any of these requirements do not meet, there is no squad for your team.

    PS to Carl: Can you remove the Fist of Many squad and revoke retribution's squad leader rank. It been known that he no longer is interested in it.

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    Carl asked me if I wanted to make a squad, so I made one, it's in the general discussion forums