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  • This week in Minecraft.

    Thought i should make a post explaining the ne features of the most recent update for minecraft 1.2.4

    In addition to the map build height update of 1.2.3, we now have numerous bug fixes, improved chat and much more functionality. Check out the new HD DYNAMIC MAP it now has the cxn banner in the corner which when clicked links directly to the cxn main page, from there you can sign up/sign in and access all the info on cxn. also there is now a link button next to the chat bar at the bottom of the map that allows you to copy a link directly to an area of the map and give the link to someone. As for in game functions, the Chat box is now able to copy/paste you can scroll back through the chat log you can even press up on the keyboard to scroll back through your sent messages similar to a command prompt screen in windows. there are some new decorative sandstone blocks and new colors of wood. this should make for a very interesting tournament as along with that and the ability to place steps and stairs upside down constructions will be complex and unique.

    Thats it for this week.


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