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  • Minecraft Server Status

    the minecraft server is down for maintenance right now. We need to get ahold of ED or JonasTone to see if they can configure the server at all. Carl asked to post a thread stating that the server is down so if anyone can contact JonasTone or ED that would be great thank you. I tried contacting them both but failed

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    sadness i hope they get their butts online soon lol


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      Its been on and off alot recently, we are also going to be changing the server to 100% PVP when we next update, this means that the server should get a lot more publicity, being a PVP server owner before i joined cXn I can say that they are alot more popular than build servers, especially grief servers because minecraft survival is quite boring nowadays, people want modded servers like FTB or they want PVP.

      Looking through the official minecraft server list, i found that 99% of the top servers are PVP, some with several thousand people playing on them.

      We will still have a creative world though so that we can still build awesome stuff.


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        You will have to excuse the downtime the server machines network has been under maintenance. The servers up and running now so have fun