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  • Minecraft Server Idea.

    So, today i was programming my minecraft mod and decided to test it and apparently, i can " pretty easily " make mods compatible with multiplayer. I was thinking that, over my free time, i should develop this mod ( its a dimension mod so lots of content to come ) and we could possibly make our minecraft server use this mod, allowing for our server to become the only server in the world what runs this mod, possibly bringing lots of people to the server , especially if i can get it as popular as my last mod, my last mod had over 300k views on youtube , even if we got 100 players it would be worth it, but this could open up lots of opportunities for our server and could actually make our server very popular if it turns out right.

    Me and Max_FF are currently working on the mod together, meaning we can get it done faster ( if we dont argue about anything ) so please, tell me if this is a good idea or not .

    Thanks for reading

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    Of course its a good idea, you and max need to get separate rooms, coz you fight like an old married couple


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      lol so yeah, the general theme will be snow based, im going to have the dimension have ice plains, massive forests of pine trees aswell as icebergs and stuff in the sea. this would allow us to add new sea creatures, mammoths, polar bears, penguins, fish, whales, sharks and stuff which would be quite original.


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        Anything that populates our server is a good thing!
        Men are very often so busy being ORDINARY that they don't recognize that every one of them is slightly, somewhere, EXTRAORDINARY.


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          Make a plugin or mod that uses Leads as suiciding ropes !!


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            A mod requires a client for people to join, so a plugin it must be. I like the idea. Ill be looking at upgrading to the 1.6 version of bukkit and mods later today i still have no home internet but it should be back on later.


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              I was thinking we could have a modded server, i can make client and serverside mods, its simply a zip file, so it would be easy to install, i could literally make any item you wanted to be added to minecraft and add it to both the client and server modpack, it would allow our server to be an original server in which we can get more players visiting the server. look at how tekkit works, or ftb, its just a modded client, thousands of people play it. Its not very hard to install mods is it? also, forge has an installer which makes it easier to install for the client AND the server. so it would speed up the process even more for anyone who wants to play. I am basically thinking that instead of using FTB / Tekkit, we could use our mod with any features that you suggest for a secondary modded survival server, it would have another dimension and looking at the popularity of my last dimension mod, we could get lots of players visiting the server.

              I also implemented a basic " security " layer which stops people using the client jar for hosting their own servers, meaning i have a seperate client / server jar, this means that only people with the SERVER files will be able to launch servers meaning we can be the only host of that mod.


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                IF thats the case sovar we should see if we can get permissions to use other mods that we can do a vote for and have our own version of "tekkit" or "ftb" but a CXN client, im sure if you can't Ed would be able to whip up a simple UI he already made a nice server launcher, i need to get my house connection back up so i can get on and add the minecraft servers details to it for future restarts.

                I think that would potentially make our minecraft server popular if we have a specific "launcher" like tekkit and then we are the only ones who can host the server including other popular mods but keeping bukkit support for WE and WG and LogBlock. Advertise on the minecraft forums with a link to the files, ill ask Ed if there is anyway to have a button on the homepage of the site to download the "launcher" or whatever it will be, making it simple for people to get with a click so no one cries about the process of getting the mod, can also have a link to the files that we can post on other forums, such as minestatus and so on. Or maybe even have a sub page of the main site like the old site entry page, with a click anywhere to get the client and an image with some information about the mod, urgh so many ideas, i must pass all these by whom ever i need to, to see if this is feasible.


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                  yep, i can, if its possible, make one with unity, or something, ( mainly because unity has a builtin graphics framework for me to use ) to make a quick launcher which can install the files easily for you. Also, if we did that, i can , if you need me to , make any mod you want. i can make a currency mod for example, so you can have actual money items, i can have custom creative blocks such as new building blocks, stair types of every block you need and so on.