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  • Starcraft II Leadership Change

    We will no longer have a single game leader for each of the US and EU sections of Starcraft II. We will be switching over to a "squad leader" format. Which means that we will be looking for people to fill these rolls. Each squad leader will be responsible to recruit and maintain a "squad" of at least 5 people. We will still function as a single clan & team; but we aim to distribute leadership responsibilities by implementing this new format.

    whoever is interested in becoming a squad leader fill out and submit a staff application here and talk to me and/or Carl on TS.

    Our ultimate goal in implementing this leadership format is to build a strong player base in which people will improve by practice and collaboration in order to become competitive amongst ourselves and other clans or teams.
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    Good job Talicsnake!~!
    Men are very often so busy being ORDINARY that they don't recognize that every one of them is slightly, somewhere, EXTRAORDINARY.


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      This is a good idea i wish i had time to be a squad leader but i don't :/ but i'm gonna try to be as active as possible in getting back into diamond than masters