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Your StarCraft 2 Accounts Name!

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  • Your StarCraft 2 Accounts Name!

    Hey, so i noticed that your Starcraft 2 Section was lacking some parts that any Starcraft 2 Clan has So lets start by getting each others account info.

    Mine is

    Kryostat.804 (R)
    1200 Points, Diamond.

    We can compile a list, and start some competitive practice and clan wars.

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    Starcraft II

    My name is Carl, I'm the Guardian of cXn. the leadership just recently ad

    We just added this game to our clan, We have been Real time strategy players for years. We had been playing Command and Conquer Zero hours for years and we are having some tournament on this.

    If you are interested you could be helping us with this game We will set up for some tournament. We have roughly 8 members that play this game and Mostly started playing it since it got released few months ago. We need more practice and Strategy Lessons, Etc.

    On Monday I will be on the team speak Ill look for you then we can talk about Beefing up this game in our clan.
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      Hey, im actually hosting a tourney tomorrow, a 16 man one. I'll send out invites to cXn to the winners of the tourney? Or am i not allowed to invite. ( im not clear on what the rules are. )


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        GET UR DUN

        Do whatever you feel is the best thing for growth... that's what I do, I feel if its positive for the clan Do it Do it!! Your one day old and hit the ground running in showing initiative in the Star-Craft 2 section, who knows you could very well make a great Co-leader for the game...


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          Account info

          My account info is cXnSwaFT 223 .....245 points ....BiG NOOB

          Great ideas you seem very excited about {cXn}, take your ideas and fly with it like a G^6


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            3210 gold (season 1), 645 gold (season 2)

            I've wanted to practice playing vs people at a higher level in order to improve my game and hopefully move up in leagues.
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              cXnPlaymaker.540 1400 plat toss player


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                Trafalgar. I was Gold in season 1, but any sort of skill I used to have has since dissipated. I do want to try and improve my skills, I was never great to begin with but now I'm bottom rank bronze skill level :P I do really enjoy (and not so terrible) at several of the custom games... i.e. dota allstars and marine arena.
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                  I just got this game I'm hoping to play with some friend and pick up some tip and improve my game.
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                    I see you guys forgot to include your character code :\

                    here's mine: Talicsnake 439

                    add me and let me know if you guys want to play some games.
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